Zone shows it's in 3 identical shedudules

I was messing around with a zone and the schedule, and now something is really weird. I have no schedule for it currently, but it says it’s in a schedule 3 times.

But I have no such schedule anymore. (I did earlier today)

Hey @Desmo!

Thanks for bringing this issue up, I’ve submitted a bug report for our engineers to review. I haven’t been able to replicate the problem, but I’m curious if you’re still seeing this. I can at least confirm that Zone is not currently within any schedules.

If you are still replicating, could you try performing a hard refresh with Cmd + Shift + R (or Ctrl + Shift + R for Windows) and seeing if the issue persists?

I just logged in from my other PC and now its showing no schedules.

Checked my other PC, it still showed it. I closed Chrome, reopened and now it gone.

I’ll add a new schedule and see what happens.