Zone Setup w/ Labeled Drone Photos

I recently got a Gen 2 and in the process of totally geeking out during the setup (who know grass types and USDA soil maps could be so fascinating??), I had an idea, and a friend suggested that I share it here.

During zone setup, at the point where a picture can be added, I initially just snapped a photo with my phone, but quickly had an idea to improve the legibility of which zones are where (for me). So I used by Phantom 4 to take some quick aerial photos of my house, and than used Photoshop to show the approximate area that each zone waters.

This was step 1 in an ongoing project to repairs and improve the existing irrigation system, so there’s obviously tons of room for improvement both in how the zones are physically laid out, how they are connected to the controller, and the thumbnail images as well.

As I continue tweaking, I plan to indicate both the sprinkler heads and buried lines on the zone images for my own reference (I’ve been repairing the lines and heads where you can see dead grass, and it’s been a learning experience to say the least.)

At any rate, thanks for taking a look. I hope this inspires someone else. I’d love to hear any suggestions about how I can improve this system and my lawn in general.


So, would you want to fly your drone over to my place to take some pics???


I had a similar idea to use Google Maps’ satellite images but they’re pretty fuzzy at that magnification. This is a much better idea.

@RealMichaelB This is awesome, I’ve sent to the engineering team. We have one Android engineer that makes his own drones. I can see a line of Rachio “zone drones”. At some point we really need to incorporate Google maps to at least help customers measure zone square footage to help with water usage estimation. Thanks for sharing!