Zone Settings Change Log

Would love to see a Zone Settings Change Log added to the App/User Interface so that we can readily review what changes were made and when. Only option currently seems to be manually tracking any updates and then lining up the results from changes. Even handier for checking if some changes inadvertently got changed, so can change back, etc.

Would need to be filterable by specific zone numbers. Show which setting got changed, and pre / post values.

If this can’t readily be added to the tool, can we at least get something in place that Support could pull for us like this?



Hey @arkley68-

I agree that this would be incredibly helpful, we actually are not currently able to pull this on the support side either. I run into issues with this when trying to troubleshoot flex, specifically. Thank you for the feedback, I will get it logged for the team!

McKynzee :rachio: