Zone re-ordering

In using the new web interface I can’t seem to find the correct way to re-order my zones. It use to be as simple as clicking and dragging to set a new order.

Has this changed or is it missing?

FYI - using Chrome

Thanks, Joe

Hi @sjoegarrett!

What particular page/section of the app are you seeing this?

Dan :rachio:

I click on Schedule, then on my All Zones, then on Zones. I thought at this point I could re-order the zones.

This is on the web portal using Chrome.

That happens in the durations section now. Sorry for any confusion (and I definitely understand why why it would make sense to do this in the zones section also).

Dan :rachio:

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Problem solved! Thanks Dan! :rofl:

Going into duration and moving the order around worked for me! But why was my Rachio 3 set to a weird random order instead of the simple order of the stations (which I wired to go in the order of 1,2,3, etc. Rachio might want to straighten that out as I originally thought it was screwed up when it started out with station 4 (like did it forget 1,2, and 3?). Glad you have this Rachio Community and love my Rachio. By the way, after seeing the YouTube from Handy Dad on the Rachio 3 I was hooked!

Rachio version 3 - The app must be totally different - I cannot find where to reorder the zones (which runs first) despite all of the threads and searches I’ve done.
A graphical representation would certainly help.

If one exists, or a thorough Youtube video, please point me to it.


Cannot do screenshots or video at this time (not sure if one exists), my phone needs charging. I presume you are talking about a phone app. I have an Android and not sure which you have. Some minor differences may exist. Get to the “Irrigation” tab (on bottom) and then the “Schedule” tab (on top), select your schedule, Duration, and you should see the horizontal lines on the left. Press & hold the horizontal line, then you should be able to change the order of the zones in that schedule.

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you are the MAN! So simple, yet hidden under “Duration” Thank you :smiley:

Easily found Youtube demonstrations of changing order during setup, but needed a Power User’s understanding and expertise.

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Glad to hear it helped. Please come back to the community for more questions that you may have