Zone ran despite manual skip

Newer Rachio user here on Flex Daily.

Last night around 8pm I skipped two zones that were scheduled to run this morning. Woke up to find one recreated itself and ran anyway. What happened? Bug or can I prevent this somehow?


You appear to have two different schedules? Go to schedules and post a screenshot.

Just one schedule. But I agree, it looks like a duplicate. Not sure how the same one shows skipped and executed on the same day’s report.

You have 4 schedules showing, click on each schedule to see what zones are assigned to that schedule.

I should have been more accurate in my statement. I only have one schedule related to the zone in question. I double checked the zones before even though scheduling setup shouldn’t allow me to add the same zone to multiple schedules even if I wanted to, from what I had seen.

You can have a zone in multiple schedules.

What schedule ran after you skipped it?

Good to know. I just confirmed that too. I had never seen that ability as an option because I went straight into using Flex Daily schedules and never looked at the others. Looks like including the same zone in more than one schedule is possible in all but Flex Daily so i missed it.

Front Lawn schedule is the one that ran when canceled and shows in the first post screenshot as both canceled and successful.

So does anyone else have any ideas on how this bypassed a canceled run on It’s own and ran it anyway? It’s still looking like a bug from what’s been checked already.