Zone Priority

this would be to have zone priority set up so that the 5 hour drip line for example is the last to do its run, ensuring the front yard is done at an earlier time to avoid the wind or daytime heating that starts when the sun is up. Also would ensure that the zones are completed and not visible or ready to walk on , instead of waiting for the 5 hour slow drip zone to complete. Seems like a fairly simple and powerful feature, even setting priority 1 zones over priority 2 zones would be added benefit so they always move up on the flex scheduled.

I believe you can sort the zones in the app, by dragging and dropping them I believe, and that will determine the order in which they run.


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have you tried this , i dont see in either grid view that this is possible. tried in iOS , the web , and the Win10 App, all clicking and dragging / holding and pressing does nothing. that would make sense.

selecting this from “Zones” area.

I failed at doing it as well, but franz gave me the thumbs up, so I must be right. Whoops! He actually gave me a finger, not a thumb, so maybe not. Franz?

Why not put drips on a separate schedule? Those can run at night, while it’s preferable to run sprinklers early in the morning.

I agree with @spaceman_spiff. I have all my drip and sprinklers in separate schedules. Sprinklers early morning, drip throughout the day.

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thanks, ill move the drip lines to a seperate schedule. avoiding the issue,but priority would still allow me to finish the front yard prior to back yard, lets say i like to have coffee on the back deck at 6 am without sprinklers shooting around.

Go to your schedule, click on Watering Durations, and use the “hamburgers” to move the zones in the order that you want them.

Also, I let my drips run in the daytime. I don’t worry about evaporation with them.

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ah, thanks for this as it seems like the real answer! i split out the drip zones as mentioned as it doesnt matter when they run after the sun goes down. i guess i worked around it for now.

*** Edited, just to mention , this seems like order , and not priority , which would be that you cant really tell a zone you want it finished completely first before anything else. meaning if i want zone 1 to finish , it would do water-cycle-water, then be completely done. and then complete its regular ‘order’. splitting hairs a bit, but it would take on a prioirty system vs just ordering , as right now it does a say front, middle back, and forces a cycle. it is likely more efficient this way timewise, but if you had 2 front zones they could alternate and ensure the front 2 zones are completely done before the back 2 zones start. a little complex , and for most, we can just leave it. i understand this is pretty advanced, and may generate more questions but thats why its a suggestion.

@jpref - one schedule will finish before the next schedule will start. In this case, I’d set a Front schedule and then 15 minutes later have a Middle schedule and then 15 minutes later have a Back schedule to start. A setup like this will get them watered in order, but as mentioned there could be some down time for the first front zone to soak after the second front zone finished watering. With one schedule instead of three the waiting time would be used watering other zones.

thanks, appreciate the work around to make this work, and to all that helped get this sorted out. also , an issue that’s become evident over the last few weeks for international (non US), is that you will need to set the ‘address’ to a US street address to properly calculate run times before creating a new schedule or you will get a runtime of 3 minutes on each zone. just a tip as coming from Canada, the data isnt working correctly to set initial times. set it back to your real location once its done all the zone calculations on the schedule. the ‘finish before sunrise’ is also not working as it was starting at 8 pm every night, so manually changing this to start at 3 or 4 am fixes this, but would be nice to have the before sunrise working. likely all related to location data not coming in correclty.

@jpref , I just put all my lawn zones into one schedule and let the system figure out all the cycle and soaks. That way one zone is watering while another one is resting. And where I have zones that overlap a bit, I just set the priority so that my zones go in an order where there is no overlap, in other words, I order a front yard zone, then a back yard zone, then another front, then another back. Get’s it all done in the most efficient time.