Zone not capturing weather station precipitation

Hi there.
Yesterday I noticed my chosen weather station measured just shy of 0.6" of rain, however when I check the overall daily summary and individual zones, it only reports 0.1" of precipitation

. Why is this?

I would try another weather station. The one you are using may not be calibrated correctly, or it may have trees above it (or something else) blocking it so that it doesn’t record precipitation correctly.

I posted screen shots the weather station is reporting accurately just doesn’t seem to translate when it applies to the zones?

I am SO sorry! I must have been brain dead when I read your post! Yes, this doesn’t look right at all and seems very weird.

@laura.bauman, could someone from Rachio look at this problem? It seems very odd. It’s form the previous day, so you think Rachio would have picked up the same amount of precip that the weather station posted.

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Going to ping @franz on this one. Definitely looks strange!!

@mjs1210 That data does look off, having the team review now.


@mjs1210 The team did an exhaustive review and it looks like at time of persistence of that data we retrieved a different value than is being reported now. The weather service could have corrected data or the station might have been reporting differently when we pulled it. 8/4/2020 does look correct so seems like a data anomaly. If you see other occurrences please let us know!


I appreciate the follow up. Per the guidance of Ivo on your support team, I changed my weather station from MID_AR889 to PWS_WESTWIND. Prior to the change, AR889 was only reporting approximately 0.35” of precipitation compared to Rachio 0.5”. Either way I will monitor the new weather station reported precipitation compared to Rachio and report back my findings.

On a side note, it would be great if there was a feature to manually change historical recorded precipitation and apply it to all zones. I have an old fashioned rain gauge outside and it would be nice if I could manually override weather station captured data to account for variations in precipitation due to location and pop up storms.

Yeah I agree! @mckynzee Tagging you for this request :smiley: