Zone naming in SmartThings

In the Rachio app I renamed all my zones to ‘Sprinkler zone 1’, ‘Sprinkler zone 2’, etc. However the device names in ST app are all ‘Rachio zone 1’, ‘Rachio zone 2’. I tried renaming (without the word Rachio) in ST app, but it reverts. Is the Rachio app appending the names? Any way around it? I really want the Rachio name gone. Ultimately I’d like family to be able to use Alexa to turn on/off zones, but there’s no way for me to get them to remember to use “Rachio” in the command.

If you are only using it integration to gain Alexa control and don’t need ST, I think you can do that directly with Alexa, and bypass ST. I haven’t done this, but it might offer some better naming ability…

Thanks @tmcgahey… To be more clear, actually I’d like to start with getting Alexa integration working- but from there I’d quickly move into full integrations with webCoRE. I have over 150 total devices in my home automation ecosystem and I control everything via webCoRE in order to have full backup abilities and a single, consistent place to control everything. Getting the zones named appropriately is just a beginning step.

You’re a better man than me…for certain automations (time of day, etc…), webCoRE is fine, but I can’t stand the lag of the remote automations.

I’ll let @rachiosupport chime in on the ST integration. I’ve played with it in the past, it has been buggy, and I couldn’t find a ton of practical reasons to have the integration.

I’ll tell you, I did battle with webCoRE for about a year in order to finally come to the conclusion that it is a supreme system for anything automation. Any issues, troubles, or delays that I was having ended up being my fault due to syntax. Still learning.

I’ll give you one example of an integration that I would like to have to start with… Last summer I arrived home by Uber at about 2 AM one night, and I was trashed. It happened to be at the time that my sprinklers were on, and I got a sobering drenching on my way into the house. Now I’d like to make it so that if I happen to arrive during the time that zone one or zone two are on, they will shut off for five minutes to allow me to get into the house!




Now wouldn’t it totally suck if the sprinklers were on when making the grand entrance like that?! :joy:

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: This is the best thread in awhile

I’ll be honest, I know very little about SmartThings (maybe @mckynzee or @franz know more?) but you might be able to do this with Google Routines or IFTTT. Regardless I think a camera set up to record all this is necessary :joy:


Love this thread.


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Ok, I literally Laughed Out Loud! I never thought to check the cameras when it happened but I’m sure I’d get a lot of YouTube fans from it!

I’d really prefer to stay away from IFTTT as their delays are substantial. Not such a fan of the Google Monster either.

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HA! If the footage is still there, we ask that you share it :joy:

And fair on IFTTT and Google - figured I’d add those in just in case :slight_smile:

@merrick777, I’ll check mine tonight and see what its doing these days. Guessing you stay on thenold ST app as much as possible?

Yep… I’ve read all the horror stories of those who jumped into the new app. I have too many things that can break, so I’m staying the course with the Classic. I’m actually hoping that I can play solely in my webCoRE, and never even touch ST app.

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I run both. There are a couple things I like in the new app, but some things just arent there yet. But they are adding more and more things with wvery update. You should check out the new app. It won’t affect what yoi have in the old.

That being said, i tried to re-add Rachio in the old app (doesn’t seem to be available in the new app), and i get an oauth error, so I can’t confirm anything for you. Not sure if this is a Rachio issue or what…

So derailing my own thread- I can’t believe I’m asking this, because it’s begging for trouble- but what do you like about the new app that wasn’t available in the classic? I have a FOMO (fear of missing out). But my mission is to have a really tricked out array of automations in the house, all controlled by ONE app (in my mind nothing comes close to webCoRE, but eventually they will need to monetize, and at that time I’ll need to make some decisions), and the system must have auto-backup/catastrophe recovery. For me, SmartThings is the backbone to make other stuff happen, but I never want to rely on Samsung’s app. So, what am I missing out on?

For you, probably nothing…but the app is progressing nicely, and for me there are some of the local automations that just seem easier to work with in the new app.

But, you can run both apps simultaneously, so why not give it a shot? If you find out you don’t like it, just never open it again!

I’ve read many posts about the new app causing some conflicts with the classic, and it often seems to cause devices or automation’s to disappear

You can also try . the names will stay in tact, alexa will fully function and you will get automation as well.