Zone filled w/o running!?!?

My trees zone was scheduled to run today but as far as I can tell it didn’t. Yet if you go into the detail for the zone it shows 1.80" of irrigation. What is going on?

Did the schedule not run or do you have a stuck closed valve?

According to the app the schedule didn’t run but somehow it miraculously got 1.80" of irrigation and the zone now shows full. This is on a flex schedule.

that sounds like a task for

That is a flex prediction, which based on real time weather data didn’t run that day. Assuming it will run tomorrow.

I was curious so looked it up.

soilMoistureLevel:0.26 - cropEvapotranspiration:0.25 = 0.01 (depletion level)

Once we hit zero it waters…so just a hair over.


Thanks for the prompt response but I’m not sure I follow the logic…

I guess this is somewhat of a pointless conversation now that flex schedules are going away but I think the way it did this is quite confusing. Why place in the detail that is received 1.80" of irrigation when in fact it did not. Also contributing to the confusion was it said next watering would be 4/26 because of the 1.80" it said it received yesterday which it did not actually receive.

With those two pieces of information, do you see how this is confusing to the end user that doesn’t know the Rachio alrogithm for the flex schedules? Why put data in the chart and change the graph (yesterday) for something that didn’t happen?

I’m just not sure that predictions should show as reality unless they happen on that day. I see that today it removed the 1.80" of non irrigation from yesterday and updated the graph to today…also confusing.