Zone Fault Isolation

I’ve installed a new Rachio Gen 2, connecting 5 zones, however, 1 zone continues to fault. These are the steps I’ve done so far to try to isolate the fault:

  1. I moved the wire from the faulting zone to another zone on the Rachio, however, it continues to fault on the new zone. So Rachio appears to not be the problem.
  2. I moved the wire back to the original zone, and using a volt meter, I got a reading when starting that zone, so it appears that power is coming from that zone connection.
  3. I replaced the solenoid to the faulty zone, however, the zone continues to fault with the new solenoid.

I’m thinking the only think that hasn’t been tested is the wiring going to the zone. What is the likelihood of the wiring being faulty. I should note that the zone worked once when I first installed the Rachio, but something must have occurred during that initial phase, as it continues to fault.

Any help would be appreciated!

I forgot to ask if there is any data on the Rachio side that may shed light on what the zone fault issue might be?

Thanks again.

Hey @Yepitsme-

If it’s still faulting after moving the wire to a different terminal, it sounds like there’s something going on with your irrigation wiring, like you mentioned. Do you have a voltmeter by chance? There is some testing you could do with that outlined in this article.


I agree with @mckynzee. However if you reach out to they will be able to provide you with the relative current values coming out of that zone (assuming your device is a gen 2). If they tell you that the values are way out of range, or very different from the rest of the zones, I would recommend reaching out to a sprinkler technician to get it diagnosed in person.

Hey, McKynzee. Turns out that my problem was a wiring issue, which is resolved. Thanks again for your help!

Glad things are up in running @Yepitsme! Happy watering :cloud_rain: