Zone fault detected on zone 4

I am installing it for the first time. I have 8 zones and all but one are working. I get this message - Zone Fault detected on Rachio Controller. master valve or zone 4 may have wiring issues and cannot water until fixed. I reinserted the wiring for the zone but this has not cleared the error. I don’t think I have a master valve as the old controller had this switched off. Could this be an issue with the solenoid valve as my old controller was flying through fuses and I was told that the controller was bad?

I started receiving a similar message last fall a month after my sprinkler system was installed. I replaced the solenoid for that zone and it fixed the issue.


I suspected that might be my issue so I will try that. Thanks so much for answering, I am a total newbie at this stuff. If it wasn’t for Rachio and a few googled subjects I’d be hand spraying my yard.

My pleasure. I’m in the same boat. Installed Rachio in Oct and I’m still dialing in my settings. Using flex daily here in East Texas and my lawn is looking good. Probably good watering and all the fertilizer and bio Stimulants I’ve been applying. Hitting my 15000 sq ft hard. If they ever offer Rachio Thrive for my sq. ft. it’d give it a try.


Hi, I am getting the same error message. I have never replaced a solenoid. Can you tell me how to diagnose this and to replace the faulty part?

Do you know at least the brand of the valve and maybe the model?