Zone Fault Detected adding new Valve


Can somebody helpme ?
I’ve a Rachio 3 working with 7 valves in Spain.
Until now it has been working good, but today i’ve tried to connect a new valve and after connect to the Rachio 3 it doesn’t work. When I make a Quick run to test the new zone I recieve an email with Zone Fault Detected message.
I hear a noise in the valve when I push Quick run, but nothing happens and I get that message.

I attach a picture of my new valve.


You have a DC latching valve (says so on the label & you can tell by two differently colored wires). You’ll need a standard 24V AC valve to have it work with your Rachio controller.

If you’ve already installed the valve itself, you can replace just the solenoid to avoid undoing the whole valve installation.

Thanks Gene.
Di you know if this could work?

Sorry, this one

@joseprus - yes, the CEPEX model S390T should work - it is labeled as an AC powered solenoid.

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