Zone discrepancy

I have two zones with identical settings, yet the reported moisture levels are slightly different. Occasionally, Rachio will even water these two zones on different days. I’m using a Flex Daily schedule.

I would like to always have the two zones water on the same day, since the two zones are for one grass area in my backyard. I’ve run a manual empty on both zones to try and get them to synchronize, but that didn’t work.

I’m new to Rachio, so take that into consideration, but I’m wondering if you’ve checked the Advanced settings for the zones too? Are root depth, efficiency, precipitation rate, etc., also identical?

I noticed this too. One of my lawn zones waters 0.56" vs 0.55" for the other lawn zones. My soil is loam with an available water 0.17. I think the loam setting is rounded. It might be 0.169, so I refreshed the soil type loam, and now the zone waters 0.55" like the others.

I checked, and both zones have .017 for available water. I clicked on the field to make sure it was actually .017 and that’s what it showed.
So I tried a “refresh” by changing to a different soil type and then changed it back to the correct value. I’ll give it a couple of days to see if that did any good.