Zone disabled; how to re enable it

So I manually disabled zone 8 while I serviced a sprinkler head.
Now zone 8 does not appear and I can’t figure out how to enable it.

If you click on the zones on the upper right hand corner there should be three dots and there you should be able to re-enabled or disable any zones you want hope this help

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That did the trick!
Thanks Anthony.


I don’t have 3 dots in upper right corner

@Waterschedule - go to irrigation tab > zones and then select show disabled zones by tapping on the card this will give you the option to select the zone in question

Sorry, I dont know what you mean by card.I can tap on the disabled zone, but it does not allow me to re-enable.

If you can tap on the zone on the upper right above edit you should see a button disable enable it

I used the wrong word when I sa I’d re-enable. I deleted the zone and now I can’t re-install it.