Zone color selection

Ok, everything is set up and works on my Rachio 3. One of my valves is chattering & leaking for the blue zone 2. The wire is yellow. What?! Yeah, it’s a nit. After the fix If I swap wires I have to reprogram the zones. It would be great if I could select my zone color to match my wiring.


That would be cool

+1 to this idea. I just set up my rachio 3 in place of old Rainbird v1 unit. Wires were smartly ordered by 1980’s installer in ROYGBIV order so super easy for this electronics nut to remember. Sadly cannot match the zone colors. It was the first thing I noticed and went looking to fix.

I agree, for them to only have 6 colors is very limiting. Why not have a dropdown like Word or Excel when changing font colors where there are multiple standard colors and you can even design your own color if you are so inclined.

My landscape designer used 5 different highlighters on our plan to show the 5 different zones I have. Three are blue, green and red, which I can use Rachio colors to match. But the last 2 are pink and yellow which the Rachio app does NOT have.

So I can either not match or take my plan in to Office Depot, pay to have them reduce the zone map to an 11" x 17" map and see if I can buy two highlighters that match 2 of the remaining 3 of 6 colors Rachio has (not likely as they are strange colors). I just wish they had a pink and yellow color available.

I’m curious being new to these comments… has anyone ever had Rachio adopt their suggestions from posting in this community? It seems like so often these types of communities are really only to allow people to vent without adopting any suggestions, when often there are tons of good, user based suggestions that could really improve a program or app.

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Maybe I’m confused, but wasn’t aware that Rachio Zones had colors. Certainly Schedules have colors and having just a few doesn’t seem inconvenient.

Zones have pictures, however, and you can do whatever you like with those.

Like mine for Zone 3 that uses an orange wire:


You are correct schedules have colors, but not zones. I think I read the post before my initial reply incorrectly. Great idea to have the wire color, but mine repeat for every box that I have.

Holy cow, that is brilliant!

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