Zone circuit failure

my Rachio controller; a Generation3_12 zone controller with Firmware iro3-firmware-hk-5-632, had one of its zones fail. Zone 2 specifically. By fail I mean that it no longer opens the valve. It is in the controller and not the valve. I tested it by wiring the valve to another zone which works as expected. I then reconnected the valve back to zone 2 circuit and did a manual run and it did not open the valve. I rebooted the Rachio controller and still same result. For now I am mitigating the problem by wiring 2 valves to one. I am using all of the zones available currently.
My biggest concern what is the failure rate of the zone circuits? I have come to depend on the controller working.

BTW I have registered for the Rachio API and the controller seems to think all is well; as in Zone 2 ran this morning at 8:00:50 for 10 minutes. So there is some room for product improvement. Detect if there is load on the circuit, if not send an alert.

Also Category could use “hardware” as a category.

@StevenMitchell - I’d contact Rachio support and get a RMA for the bad controller. Rachio stands behind their product with a two year warranty.