Zone calculations of gallons saved are wrong

I have reported this twice to support and they have just passed it to development. No followup. So I thought I would post it here to see if anyone else is seeing this.

After easily installing the flow meter on an existing Gen 3 controller the app immediately and automatically changed from mins saved to Gallons saved. I was thrilled. On the home screen it seems to accurately reflect the gallons used and gallons saved. However if you go to the individual zone screens. The gallons saved are all wrong. With the exception of zone 1 which seems to reflect the savings of my last zone, zone 6, zones 2-5 reflect total saved on the whole system. Then zone 6 reflect none or some other lesser number. This appears to be a software bug.

Is anyone else seeing too. Or do I need to reset or reload the app or something like that. I see no other posts about this here so I am starting to think it is just me. Please give me feedback because Rachio isn’t getting back to me other than to say they passed it to development. It has been 4 weeks.

@LJinFLA I’m seeing the same thing, will have the engineering team review and get back to you.


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@LJinFLA Confirmed issue, will have the engineering team resolve. :wink:


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@franz thanks so much for the response and the confirmation. I do appreciate it. For the record I think Rachio is the smartest smart home device I have purchased and I have purchased a lot of them. Great product. Just growing pains.


@LJinFLA I believe the issue is resolved. Please let us know if you experience any other issues.


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Thanks for the response. So there has been a change but I don’t think we are quite there yet. The sum of the savings for zones 1 - 5 is slightly higher than the total saved reflected on the home screen. Also, zone 6, my drip zone, still reflects zero saved for August even though there have been a number of rain skips in the month.

Almost there and better but perhaps there still is a bug remaining. Thanks for your incredible responsiveness.


Hi @LJinFLA,

We see that zone 6 has had scheduled runs and also had some manual irrigations as well. That explains why “Actual” differs from “Scheduled”.

The reason why you are not seeing “gallons saved” is that we didn’t find any schedules that have been skipped using weather intelligence including this zone. This may have been due to us missing data from last week. We’ve resolved the issue but savings for August may be a little off. You can see more information here.

As a side note, you will actually see for other zones that have savings, if you have any manual runs, that should reduce the amount you saved.

Please let us know if there are still oddities that you are seeing and thanks for letting us know about these!

Cheers :rachio:

Ok, that makes sense. There were some manuals and that should reduce savings. I did not know about the problems from
Last week but the skips were indeed last week per my history online. Not sure why you don’t see them but I still do. I will wait until September to check again. Thanks again for the great and thorough support.


Ok it appears this is not quite fixed yet. So since the first of September it has rained so much in central Florida that all of my lawn zones 1–5 have skipped every time. That is good for water savings. However it leaves my garden drip zone as the only one which has occasionally run to water the potted plants in the gardens. The history shows it has skipped zone 6 runs a few times this month but every time. but in the zone 6 screen it shows ZERO gallons saved.

Looks like there is still a bug in the zone screens.

@LJinFLA Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have found the issue and will have a fix out by today or tomorrow. Unfortunately your past skips for that zone will not be in savings but any future skips will be.