Zone advanced settings to impact fungus

after a solid summer of a lush, green lawn a swath of brown started to appear about 6 weeks ago and has spread. Turns out between my watering, the record August rainfall in Dallas and most importantly, my neighbor’s watering finding its way downhill into my lawn has created a fungus.

Question: is there a good reference to better understand Crop Coefficient, Available Water, Allowed Depletion, Efficiency or maybe explanations of how one determines these for a specific zone? I have this issue in only one zone, but it is the largest section of my front yard. So any help is welcome. thanks

What kind of grass is this? It does not look like bermudagrass. If it is bermudagrass could it be grubs. If it is a cool season grass like fescue or perennial rye (probably not since you are in Dallas), the only two other possibilities are zoysiagrass. Zoysiagrass exhibits fungus problems after heavy rain. If st Augustine perhaps it is chinch bugs. If the grass pulls up easily it is likely insect damage. If it is fescue then it is likely to be patch. Check out the Texas cooperative Extension Service for more information. It sounds like you need to find out the source of the problem.

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It is St Aug, and it is definitely a fungus issue. I’ve had that diagnosed already. Hence my original question about zone settings.

Probably take all patch. Plant a better adapted grass for Dallas if this is in full sun. You are waging an uphill battle if it is in the blazing heat of Dallas sun.

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