Zone 6 not getting power

I installed/used my Rachio3 - 8 zone last year and it worked great.

Our secondary water was just turned on today (May 1) and I’ve been testing my system. However, I can’t get zone 6 to get any power. There are no faults detected. The actual wiring/solenoid/valve is fine since it works if I move the feed to one of the other zones. The multi-meter shows 24-ish volts to the other zones, but 0 volts for zone 6. I’ve powered off/on the controller as well but nothing fixes it.

I thought there was a chat line open to support but I can’t find the link anywhere so I did send an email to support, but hoped maybe there was another way to diagnose/reset the zones.


@PredatorVI - moving the wire from zone 6 to another zone (zone 5 for discussion purposes) and zone six works shows that the zone wire, common wire and solenoid all work. When the wires were moved, was the other zone tested (move zone 5 into 6 and try to run zone 6)?

Outside of a bad connection at the Rachio terminal strip, I think an internal component on that zone may have given up the ghost.

I think emailing support at Rachio dot com is your best bet. Rachio has a two year warranty.

If you have a spare terminal on the Rachio, zone 6 could be moved there.

Yeah I tried running zone 7 in the zone 6 port and no go. I did email support so we’ll see what they say. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare port but it’s probably the least critical zone as it does get some overlap from other zones so I disabled it for now.