Zone 3 Runs separate from other zones in the Schedule

I have zones 2-8 in a daily flex schedule. They all have the same characteristics, lawn type, soil type, run, etc. The other day I manually ran zone 3 from the controller after replacing a sprinkler head. Now zone 3 runs on different days then zones 2, 4-8. Seems like it is now based off when I ran it manually. How can I get zone 3 back in sync with the remainder of the schedule so all the zones again run together?

Thank you

It’s based on how much water is in the ground. If it matters that much to you then fill or empty the zone when the others are full or empty or empty all of them

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If you need them to be back in sync, only way to do it is to “empty” or “fill” all the zones that you want to sync up.