Zone 2 not working


I just installed a gen 2, 8 zone controller. Only have 3 zones, and previously all 3 worked fine with our orbit controller. It’s been a while since we ran the sprinklers and I didn’t test any zones before removing the old unit.

Zone 1 and 3 are fine, zone 2 won’t water. I tried moving zone 2s wire to zone 4 just to check if it was a bad slot on 2 but no joy.

Can you guys rest the voltages remotely for me please. It’s too wet and dark to go out and mess with the valves and solenoids.


@justkeepexploring - most of the folks that reply on this board are end users that don’t have access to any of the Rachio internal values. Rachio only senses current, not voltage (I’m assuming rest should be test). If the wire has already been switched to a different terminal and it still doesn’t work, I think the error domain is the wiring or solenoid.

If you want the current values, I think you’ll need to call Rachio support or log a ticket with them.


Hey @justkeepexploring!

@DLane is correct - in this instance the issue is likely in the wiring or solenoid. Our support team would be happy to chat if you haven’t reached out already. :slight_smile:


Thank you both. I will check on that once these storms pass through. I guess it’s possible that zone quit working before I changed the controller. I might also swap back in the old controller to confirm it also doesn’t work for that zone.

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Have you by any chance happen to take a picture of the old setup? During the break in the rain, take a picture of your current setup as well. Maybe someone will notice something out of place.


Gene, here is the old controller, I’ll upload one of the new one when I get home.


When the weather permits, I would take an Ohm meter out to the controller.

Set your meter to the 2ohm scale.
Place one lead on the common wire and one on the zone 2 wire.
Check for a coil resistance:
Superior Coils: 24 to 27 ohms
Rainbird Coils: 37 to 45 ohms

If you get a reading of zero, double check the contact connections and try again. If you are positive there is good contact then:
A: Coil is bad or
B: There is a bad connection or broken wire somewhere.


Will do, thanks !