Zero Flow Warning

I installed the Rachio wireless flow meter a month ago, and all was well. However, I got a warning last night about my various zones having zero flow while on (probably all that tried to run). Despite this, my grass was wet, so some flow happened.


@bxwatso are you on the Flex Daily schedule? What is your current pressurization time?

Go ahead and clear out your alerts and let’s see if it happens again.

I have the same problem. My flow meter reports 0.0 gpm but my sprinkler heads are bursting with water. I’ve installed the flow meter correctly, and was able to calibrate it once installed. It worked fine for about a month and now it always reports zero flow. I’ve cycled power too. Any suggestions?

My system returned to normal operation, maybe by itself, and maybe because I powered the controller down. Also, when the water runs, the flow meter makes a buzzing sound that is quite loud (can hear inside the house). I wonder if some solid bit of material is stuck in the flow meter.

Yes, this occurred based on a flexible daily schedule. I am unsure of pressurization time, but calibration delay was 2 minutes. In any event, it would be the default setting.

Let’s try moving that pressurization time up a little bit. Maybe 3-4 minutes via Controller Settings > Pressurization Time. It can help with variability.