Yard Map & Sprinkler Head locations

I saw the post answering that the yard map helps on the water usage.
Does the addition of the sprinkler heads also make it more accurate?

No, that is just used for inventory.


I don’t believe yard map does anything for actual water usage. Assuming you have your parameters set up right, it will more accurately calculate “usage” based on yard area. The usage is still only calculated based on area and precipitation rate…

Yard map gave me a much more accurate area than the default I had before. Also went through the soil survey tutorial and got all the info in there based on that. We shall see.

I tried to use it but because the satellite image is in summer and the trees are full of leaves, I am unable to see the boundaries. I wish there was an option to show a winter satellite image.

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How do you remove sprinklers added… For example my zone 1 does not have 11 sprinklers… :slight_smile:

clear all?

@proedgebiker - Thank you, found it! Wow they could make that little more visible… frustrating