Yard Map showing old satellite image

Is there any way that rachio can update the satellite image for yard maps? The image is from 3 years ago when our house was being built and our landscaping was not done yet.

That’s a good question @pjnowak. I believe the map is sourced from a third party so I’m not sure how much control we have over updates, but I’ll share this with the product team regardless.


I was thinking that it could be coming from Google, but knowing it is using AWS it probably is not. It does look very close to what I see in Google Earth from Jul 2019. Of course, it does take some time to update images once the satellite flies over. Funny story if I remember the timing correctly, when I installed Rachio, the map was showing me a satellite image of the sprinkler trenches. This worked out very nice when I needed to split a zone. I will likely be using it soon to split a couple of other zones. The satellite image history is my friend. I know I have said it before, but will say it again. It sure would be nice if the Yard Map could be updated through uploading a KML. I currently do not use the Yard Map feature as I keep mine in a KML, complete with zone boundaries & numbers, sprinkler positions, trenches, and most of where low-voltage wiring goes (currently not used).

What about the option of letting us upload our own image? Mine just looks like a bunch of trees and you can’t see any part of the yard. I’d rather use my survey. It would be a lot more meaningful to me.


@powergator that would be an interesting option! I’ll let the team know.

Also - got word back that we in fact do not have any control over updates to the satellite images.