Yard Map - Only Currently Available on 12 & 16 Zone Gen 3s

Sorry if I posted to the wrong category?

My neighbor is interested in also getting a Rachio 3 - he needs 8 zones. Does the Yard Map feature still only come with the larger 12 and 16 zone systems? I bought a 16 zone system - so it came with mine out of the box. I wasn’t sure about the smaller system?

It is available on all R3 installs.


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It is on the costco 12 version and the larger 16 but I have yet to see it on the 8

I see Yard Map on my iPhone, but not Desktop version for my Rachio3e. I have subscribed to Thrive as of yesterday and was hoping to switch to Flex Daily but my iPhone SE is a smaller screen and was hoping Desktop would facilitate entry. Am I pushing too fast and the system is updating status?