Yard Map on Android -- Really Bad

I just bought the Rachio to use this feature and very sad to see it hardly works at all on Android.

  1. Doesn’t zoom in enough, especially when you have parameter plant beds, tree strips, etc. I cant caputer my tree strip at all without getting half the street.

2 Frequently doesn’t put heads or area points where we need/want, etc.

From what I can tell it barely works.

What Android phone and OS are you using? I will provide this feedback to our Android team.


Samsung S8, android v8

I’d be surprised if anything I call out is specific to the phone or android version.

Mapping really needs to be on the computer to be accurate… if accuracy matters or is this feature not really used by the logic? If it’s used, how?

It is currently used to better accurately estimate water usage. Having the zone square footage allows us to provide much better estimates. Other exciting “features” will take advantage of yard mapper, stay tuned!


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@franz, this looks like a cool feature. When will it be available to us lowly 2nd generation users?

What about us neanderthalic Gen1’ers? :rofl::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: