Yard map multiple polygons for single zone

I love the yard map feature overall. One area that would make it better is if I could draw multiple polygons for a single zone. I have drip line on both sides of my driveway and also a portion bisected by my sidewalk, but it is all one zone. Presently I can draw one giant rectangle but that overlaps with another zone and also would include a very wide driveway which impacts the calculation of square footage.

What platform are you using Yard Map on? I believe Android and iOS both work the same, and you can set it up to do what you’re talking about.

To get multiple polygons for a zone, start with the polygon on one side of your driveway. Once you’ve got that one side covered, “close” the polygon by tapping the first point you made to create the shape.

You’re now still adding polygons for the same zone, so you can head to the other side of your driveway and start drawing a new polygon and now you’ve got two polygons for that one zone.


“Closing” the polygon was the piece I was missing. Not an obvious step in the process from the UI, but works like a champ!


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@zachio. Is this capability on the Rachio app? I used PowerPoint and Google maps to map out on a PC, but can this be done in the Android Rachio app? Could you please tell where? Many thanks.

Currently this feature is only available on controllers purchased through Costco.


When can those who purchased the system directly from you expect to have this? It might be useful. Thx.

I recently installed and setup my Costco 12-Zone Rachio. I set up the yard map too and somehow it disappeared?! This is disconcerting since it took quite a while to setup!

Can you try force closing the app and reopening and see if it shows up. I took a look and saw your data is still there, but think I also found a bug (in the iOS app) where if you open the app for the first time, if the data is still loading and you switch to the yard tab, the yard map data doesn’t update once it downloads.

I’m not sure if you’re running into this on iOS or Android, but I’ll try and get that fixed up for the next release.

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