Yard Map feature

Are there any plans to add the Yard Map feature to the Rachio browser platform on a PC? I know it’s currently on the mobile app platform but would make it much easier from a UI perspective to be able to utilize this feature on a larger display.

Just upgraded to an 8-zone Rachio 3 after 23 years of using a Rainbird ESP8-SI. The swap over process was extremely easy and I’m having a blast with the new Smart Device options this product gives me.


I wish, but I have not heard anything. Of course, I wish that I could import a KML file as well and include more information too.

I’ll add my +1 here for the website to be fully functional. I’m over 40 still, when my eyesight lost near vision and requires glasses, so using the phone for things is my last resort. Glad to have it to activate my sprinklers while I’m in the yard, but don’t want it for anything else.
And another gripe (ok boomer) is how devices like this don’t include an ethernet port to hardwire them for better reliability. I know WiFi is convenient for a lot of people, but it actually prevented me from putting my controller where I wanted without adding a 5th WiFi repeater to my network.

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I totally hear you. I would love to have it all on the PC. My phone is a pretty small one already so it’s definitely getting harder to read. I started a thread that had hard wired ethernet vs wifi in it and nobody cares. Seems like everything will be wifi soon. :frowning:

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I don’t think the Yard Map does anything. Its kind of an unfinished feature other than like a note for locating heads.