Yard Map Benefits?

New Rachio 3 (Costco) owner for a couple of weeks now. I set up my zones with all the details (zone type, spray head, etc, etc). Weather Intelligence PLUS is enabled and seems to be doing the right things in term of scheduling watering times. So my question is what does the Yard Map bring to the table? In the app the only benefit noted is “improve water usage reporting”. Is it just a detailed reporting feature or does if have an impact on watering decision? Thanks.

Basically just a reporting feature.

I was wondering the same thing. I think it calculated area of a zone from it. I dont know what the heads do for anything on the layout. since flow rates aren’t on them.

Since it was only available for the Costco 12Zone, I suspected it was a beta test. Build it and see what comes of it kind of thing.

My entire yard is drip irrigation so the amount of water consumed is very deterministic down to each plant. I live in California so water usage is a big deal.

So before I go to the effort of mapping out the zones with emitter identification. Am I going to get much more than the # of gallons per zone (a pretty basic calculation)?
Is there some plan to be able to identify the type/size/age of the plant/s that are serviced by each emitter? Beyond that is there a plan to include nutrient schedules/pruning/maintenance for the plants identified?