Yard is light green

My lawn is tall fescue and I live in Omaha, NE. I have had a Rachio for just over a year and I use flex schedule. My lawn is much lighter green than any of my neighbors although it is thick with very few weeds. Could too much water cause the grass to be yellow?

Yes, it is possible for too much water to cause yellowing, but not likely. Did you fertilize during the early spring? Could you show us a pucture of the yard? Turf diseases can cause yellowing if you are watering at night, too. Have conditions been wet?

Meant to include the picture. The picture actually looks a little better than in person but you can tell it is not a dark green. It has not been wet and I water at 5:00 am.

How about applying some liquid iron or granular Ironite? You do not want to apply nitrogen during the summer because it can get very hot in Omaha during July. See if the iron works. I made a liquid iron application to my yard today.


I put down Ironite and it did not change anything. I think I may be over watering. I had not don’t any tracking through the history but I just checked and since June 1 I have had 4 zones watered 10 times and 1 zone watered 9 times. It has been warm but that seems excessive to me. I have changed some of the settings in all my zones to see if I can get it to water less often. Otherwise I may switch to fixed interval. Another community also recommended getting a soil test so I’m going to be doing that also.

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Which zone settings did you change? I would recommend only adjusting crop coefficient, as this only affects the frequency and not duration. Out of curiosity, which other forum did you visit?


I changed crop coefficient and allowed depletion. The other forum I used was aroundtheyard.com. First time using the site and I have gotten quick responses and they offer to review the results of a soil sample.


Oh cool! I’ll have to go explore a little…

Have you had a soil test from the extension service. I did last year and was shocked that I had a pH of 4.8. I applied lime last fall and this spring. It’s made a huge difference in my turf color, especially on the Bermudagrass in my front yard.