Yard is fully saturated

Yard is fully saturated and more rain coming this week and it still watered a cycle. Not good! Need help with settings.

Try changing to a nearby PWS

I am having a similar problem. My PWS is located .21 miles from me. The schedule shows rain tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. There is a blue raindrop on Friday after and during rain and on Saturday after 2 days of rain.

During the last 2 weeks, we had an “atmospheric river” here. The soil is saturated. I am dreading calls from clients to whom I have sold Rachio controllers.

This is a big problem and I need help.

I’m sorry to hear that. The system seems to work great when there’s rain forecasts are actually raining. It also works great when adjusting from month to month. there just seems to be a big problem when determining how saturated the soil is.

I think the problem you have seen is that Rachio will only account for 110% saturation. If you get enough rain that you have standing water for days, Rachio can’t really see that. I don’t know that there is much that can be done here. Rachio does have to make some concessions when it comes to HEAVY rain. If you get 3" of rain, Rachio might assume that a majority of that will run off, leaving only a portion of the total rainfall on the grass.

I had this situation last week. We had to back to back storms roll thru (same systems that hit you in CA) that each dumped 1" - 1-1/2" of water, and with the design of my yard for an option of flood irrigation, the water doesn’t run off, so I had standing water for a day or so each time. One time, quick “fill” of the moisture level in the app solved the issue and all is well.

You did a quick fill in the most ER sensor app? Can you please explain to me how to do that?

ER sensor app?

I’m on Flex Daily schedule, so in the soil moisture page, you can “fill” and “empty” the proverbial bucket. I just manually filled it once after the storms rolled thru and all has been fine since…my lawn last watered on 11/16, and is scheduled to water on 12/11.

Ok. I’m not on flex. I will look into it.

Pretty sure it is only on Flex Daily, not Flex Monthly.