Yadlq - Yet Another Drip Line Question


As in, “Yet Another Drip Line Question,” more design related than scheduling related.

I picked up a Gen2 controller over the winter so this will be my first season using it. I have one drip line that I want to bite the bullet and reconfigure. I had several pots on the line that have given me fits - they were constantly over- or under-watered soI am going to eliminate them. What’s left is 5 shrub beds with between 3 and 8 plants each, 1 area with 3 rose bushes, and a raised vegetable garden. All of the plants are mature. Currently everything has drip heads of varying flow rates, except the rose bed which uses adjustable bubblers and the raised garden which uses adjustable sprayers.

Would it be advisable to standardize on the flow rates and maybe the head types on the line? FWIW most of the plants did fine last year running the line for 15 minutes every other day. I’ve been “fixing” problems by changing the heads to higher or lower flow rates, or by adding heads.

Any recommendations on brands? Are any more reliable or durable or more efficient than another?

Thanks for any words of wisdom. I’ve been reading the posts here and there’s a ton of good info. I’m anxious to get my new controller up and running.