Xeriscape waters more often than garden

Hi Rachio Community,

With each seasonal adjustment I am surprised that my Xeriscape is set to water every four days and my garden every eight, and trees every nineteen?

Previously, I had my “garden” set to perennials thinking this would water more frequently. This is vegetables, annuals and perennials. I’ve changed to “garden” thinking maybe this would water more frequently.

I’m baffled at how an AI controller could think that xeriscape needs to be watered more often than trees or garden?

My assumption is that I’ll be told to wipe out all schedules and restart over. This is not a suitable answer considering this unit should coordinate accordingly with soil type, emitter, vegetation etc…

Silty clay, drip lines, and each zone is either xeriscape, garden, or trees (four zones, two are xeriscape)