Wunderground issues

I’ve been getting a few emails about people wondering what is going on with their data, and a good number of you are using AcuRite products so…

I wish to remind wufyi users that AcuRite is a viable source as far as the datasource goes, your data does not have to go through the wunderground systems.

It’s in “beta” for now, so if this looks confusing (link), just contact me at setup@wufyi.com (link) and I’ll help you out.

If you are contacting me, it’s always a good idea to include your wufyi URL (if you’ve got one) and your HUB ID.


P.S. pwsweather has also had an outage recently. Ask me about cwop support if you are sending an email.

Gene, looking forward to using your system. Currently planning on the WU route with my new WeatherFlow PWS. Any chance we can get data directly from the WF servers? Happy to be you’re beta account if needed. The only down side is I only have temp, dew, humidity and barom off of one device so far. The 2nd device for rain & wind is still being developed.

I’m always interested in adding support for different data providers, get in touch with me over the email and I’ll see what I can do.


Man, I thought weather flow was vapor, so they are actually shipping?

@plainsane - as @Bill.Maupin said, half the system. Still waiting on wind, precipitation and sun piece. Temperature, humidity, pressure and lighting detection is out.

So sweet, I gave up on them

@Bill.Maupin was nice enough to share a link to a beta site with a complete set:

I like that their accuracy goes to 1 / 1000th of an inch (about 10x the usual accuracy of 0.01 inches).
If they can seriously support such resolution and it proves accurate… just wow…

Can’t wait for the reviews to come in.

I only took a chance and gave them my $ because they’ve been in the weather game for over 20 years. As long as I get the “sky” unit before spring, I’ll be happy.

Just found this interactive map of the stations:

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