Wrong Logs and cosmetic issues

Switched to flex schedule and system ran this morning in two cycles. Started losing logs after 40 minutes of cycle running. Now I am not sure if cycle ran as expected or stopped because of any reason.

First picture shows how long cycle was suppose to run, second picture is scroll of screen. Where system stopped reporting.

@noamankhan Noticed this morning our event log processor was not consuming events. This is a display only issue and it is catching up now. These should all show up shortly.



I don’t know if something is going on today or not. I received notifications on my phone that my cycle started, and completed.

However, looking at the history (phone and web) both show the last time it was ran was last Saturday.

My moisture levels appear to have been updated, along with the gallons used.

The Iro shows to be online, and no power cycles since it was installed last week.

Thank you. That helps. I’ll keep an eye out.