Wrong Date Shown in Web UI Calendar (Australia)


I still think I have an issue with the wrong dates being shown in the Web UI Calendar (See Pic):

  • Web UI : “My Yard” shows : Watered 1 May, Will Water 4 May, but
  • Web UI : “Calender” shows : Nothing on 1 May, and Will Water 3 May
  • Android UI : All shows correctly


Water days off by one?

Thanks @jmone. We’ll check it out…

Dan :rachio:


@jmone Can you PM me your username? I’d like to review your account information…

Dan :rachio:


Hi - Just bumping as I’m still seeing this.


Is this working now? It looks fine for me here in AUS (Sydney)


Yup - still one day different between the “Calendar” and the “My Yard” sections - Also in Sydney Australia


@Dan Can you take another look at this? Thanks.



@franz Will do…


Right, found it, getting the same issue here, the App on Mobile (android is ok) but the webapp app.rach.io shows the watering schedule calendar what looks like to be in US timing.


@Dan any update on this? https://app.rach.io/ is showing “US” watering date/time and not converting to my local time


Yes, me too:

Very confusing.


No update at the current time. FWIW, it’s a display issue; your schedule should run on Saturday…

Dan :rachio:


OK, just confirming, if I look at the web site in my afternoon (GMT+8) the calendar watering days show the wrong day (Friday instead of Saturday).