Wrong address, can't change it manually

I have Rachio 3 and weather flow Tempest weather station linked together.

My problem is that Rachio doesn’t like my address spelled as NNN Something Ct, it automatically changes it to NNN Something Court. When I use any mapping software or post office tools, they always want to normalize my address from Court to Ct, and that includes Tempest weather station interface.

That wouldn’t be much of an issue, but now when I start Rachio app, it always offers me menu between NNN Something Court (with Rachio) and NNN Something Ct (with Tempest underneath), rather than jumping straight to the interface.

Is there any way I can force typing in exact address? Currently if I try to change address, it opens up Google map, and when I type in address with Ct, it automatically changes it back to Court - extremely annoying.

I can’t really have them both under one view…

I had a similar problem where my Tempest and Rachio were listed as different addresses. I’m order to see either device I had to navigate to a different home.

From main app homepage with Devices and Shop at the bottom, click the person icon in upper right corner. Then click into homes and from there you can change things.