Would this PWS work with Rachio (New Kickstarter Project)

I saw this on Kickstarter SKY2 & Storm and it looked:

  • Simple to install / use
  • Seems to work with Weather Underground
  • Has it’s own API
  • WiFi connectivity out of the box

Would this be a suitable PWS for use with Rachio?


Hey there,

From reading Rachio’s Weather Service FAQ, it doesn’t look like the Aeris service they get weather data from collects from Weatherunderground.

The two workarounds folks have been using are a) the meteobridge device (which doesn’t list SKY2 as something it supports), and b) a script that can run on a computer that’s always turned on that will crosspost weather data from Weatherunderground over to one of the services that Aeris does collect from.

I think @franz was excited about some changes to the way that Rachio gets weather, but the last I read, it didn’t sound like they were going to be incorporated into updates this year.

I ordered a PWS that posts to Weatherunderground. When I get around to installing it, my plan was to run that script that crossposts the weather data on a Raspberry PI computer that I already have on 24/7 doing a few other functions (HomeBridge mostly).


Thanks - I could do either of the workarounds I guess, but I’m just not that keen…I don’t need another hobby! I just want to be a reasonable PWS that I can just turn on and and have it feed data to whatever is used by the Rachio.


If you’re not dying to get a PWS hooked up this season, might be worth sitting tight and seeing what Rachio has in store for next year… Hopefully direct updating from Weatherunderground!

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I was considering this one…

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