Works in Spain?

Hi all
Has somebody used it in Spain?
I want to buy Rachio but I’m not sure if it is going to work or not.



Should work when you take care to get a 24V AC power supply, not DC! I got one via the dutch type of ebay and it works over here perfect! As it is internet based should work in Spain also i think. Weatherforecast etc works fine for my location.
Take notice of the radio frequency, it might nog be allowed in Spain. I have no problems so far but live on a rural place, not in a city.

Worth the effort of getting one over to Europe!


Thanks Geho!!!
I’m ging to buy one and try :grinning:

I brought one to the UK and installed it earlier this year, and it works super.
Depending on your plan, you will need to purchase a few extra bits to have a truly automated setup. As Geho states, you’ll need a 24V AC PSU which are easy to find on ebay, Amazon, or your local friendly electric wholesaler. I actually used a 24V AC bell transformer located in the fuse box.
On top of that, you might consider a valve box to control the independent zones. I’m using two of the Antelco eZyvalve units for eight zones in my garden, and they work great.
And if you need irrigation pipes and drippers, take a look at the Antelco porous pipes and accessories. Happy to provide you with advice through this forum if you need any.
Good luck with your irrigation!