Won’t connect to WiFi

So we lost power for a short time at are house this morning and now my controller will not connect back to WiFi we have a Rachio 3 all it does is the first light bar flashes with a few times then red and just keeps doing it.

@Rojo - restart your router by unplugging it and plug it back in it should have no problem to connect back to your network

I have tried this already the controller is not getting pasted to reboot step

@Rojo - have you tried to reset the WiFi within the Rachio controller and follow the steps on Rachio app to connect the Rachio controller

One more thing are you using iOS or android to connect the Rachio controller

Look with your phone to see whether the controller is broadcasting its SSID. If not, do a factory reset and look again. If it’s still not broadcasting, time to get an RMA.

If you do see the SSID, try turning off mobile data and running the app to reconnect Wi-Fi.