Just had a one station irrigation system with 6 sprinkler heads put in and is operated by my iPhone 5s Bluetooth, but must be at 10 feet from the master valve K Rain controller close to road curb to operate. Is the K Rain controller device Wi Fi compatible with the IRO if I put the IRO in the garage and plug in or do I have to run underground wire from the Master control valve to the garage installed IRO controller? If so, what is the name of the wire that I need to purchase? Thanks, Ron

@jr235, thanks for reaching out. The Iro will require each valve to be wired to it. Basic sprinkler wire should do the trick – Home Depot carries it in different lengths.

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Is there a limit on how long the sprinkler wire run is from the IRO controller to the valves?

We’ve used this in the past as a guide for wire length.


I currently have two irrigation controllers, one for the front yard (2 zones) the other for the back (6 zones. I am wanting to consolidate both the front and the back zones into one IRO controller. I now have two ground wires, one for each controller. In consolidating, how do I handle the 2 ground wires? I’m thinking I’ll just pick one for the entire system.

Can you take some pictures and send them to [support@rachio.com] ? They will be able to help you out with these wiring questions.



@napabill, was the support team able to answer your wiring questions? I pulled up your ticket and found this wiring photo:

It reminded me of this other community post from this week – perhaps it might help you: Installation - 24V wires?

Do you have an enclosure for your Iro? Or will you be moving it indoors?

Let us know if we can help moving forward.

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