Wiring trouble shooting issues

I just purchased and installed a second gen rachio controller. All of my zones work except one. All the wires are in the same spot from from Rain Bird esp 6tm. All the zones that work are pop up zones and the only one that doesn’t is a rotary spray zone (zone 4) It doesn’t appear I have advanced wiring but I’m not sure. Below are pics of the old and new wiring. The extra brown wire appears to be for extra zone, but I only have 5. Is there any other information I need to provide for a between trouble shoot?

@Mitch80 - thanks for the pictures.

  1. Can zone 4 be activated manually at the valve using the bleed screw?

  2. When manually activating zone 4 above one can check the wiring color to confirm the correct wire is used and the connections are good (e.g. use water tight wire-nuts, no corrosion, etc.).

  3. If you have an ohm meter, test resistivity between the wire on zone 4 and the common wire as there could be a bad connection or a break in the wire.

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I can manually start zone four. Points 2 and 3 I need to test. This is what the two boxes in the ground look like in my backyard.

You could also try swapping that “extra” brown wire for the current zone 4 wire. Do this both at the controller and at the valve box. If it works it means either the old wire or maybe the connection at the valve was bad.