Wiring Toro to Rochio 3

Hi All,

My name is Mohammad. I just installed my Rachio 3 and couldn’t believe how easy it was. However, my zone 2 is not working. The wiring from my Toro has ground wire coming off from an antenna looking device on side of my house. Zone 1 Red wire works fine, Zone 2 White wire does not work and Zone 3 Red wire works fine.

Could the “antenna looking device” be some kind of rain sensor? Maybe include a picture if you can please? I am curious where the wires are going, specifically to the device. Was the old controller working on the three zones?

@Mohammad307 - it could be the wiring at the valve. Swap a working wire (one or three) with two and see if the swapped zone works.

Also, if one doesn’t have a multi-meter I’d invest in one as that will test the wire and connections out to the valve and back.

One can also just redo the wiring connections a the solenoid for zone two and use water proof wire nuts to finish the job.

This is what is inside the ground. Looks like they changed colors after lines were fed into house.

Good afternoon! Just installed new solenoid for zone 2 and worked like a charm. System works awesome. Using smart watering system! Never again will I have to run downstairs half asleep and turn off the sprinklers when it rains. Best product I ever purchased!

Great work @Mohammad307!