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I actually have a Hunter XC 4 zones and I want to replace it with a Rochio 8 zones sprinkler but I have some doubts about wiring. I am attaching a picture of the current Hunter XC connections.

Could anybody help me with the new connections to Rochio sprinkler?


Easy peasy. You have your rain sensor, common and p wires and then the zone wires. You won’t need the 24vac with Rachio because it’s power cord is hard wired to the controller.


It’s clear… thanks.

Hi I just bought a Rachio 8 zones controller, I don’t have a power outlet outside near the old controller. Can I use the 24vac wires from the old controller to supply power to Rachid? Best, Marwan

Yes and no. If you have 24VAC wires going into your clock, that tells me that your current clock has a transformer brick somewhere close to the clock that is plugged into an outlet. Can you provide a picture of your set-up?

Since it is outside, you will need a cabinet to install the Rachio into. I have the Gen 1 and I installed it into a cabinet like this. Rachio had them for sale for a lot cheaper at the time, no idea if they still have any around. This box allows you to hardwire the included plug (takes some basic electrician skills) so you can plug the Rachio power brick into it.

This is the cabinet that Rachio came out with for the Gen 2 which also has a built in plug that must be hard wired…

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Hi Troy,

Thanks for the prompt response. You are right, there is box on the side to provide the 24vac.

I do have the outdoor enclosure for generation 2also. Actually, I live outside the USA and here the voltage is 220v 50hz. I thought instead of buying another power adapter and wiring the enclosure box to the main power supply, since everything is already installed, all I have to do is cutoff the end of the power supply provided, wire it to the 24vac wires and Plug it in the rachio and that’s it.

Is that possible?



Rachio doesn’t get power from 24VAC on the terminal like your current one does. It runs into a plug on the side of the unit. I’d have to leave any recommendations up to the Rachio guys/gals @emil @mckynzee, but whatever you have in place supplying your current clock with power I believe will work, you would just have to do some cutting and splicing of the existing wiring to the Racho 2.1mm x 5.5mm female connector.

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@Marwanj I do think this will work, however, I am giving this advice with two words of warning:

  1. The power adapter has a built in fault that protects your controller’s wiring. You will no longer have this protection, so if there was some sort of surge or something along those lines, you run the risk of damaging your controller.
  2. If you purchased your controller from one of our approved retailers, when you do this you will be voiding your 2 year warranty that comes with your purchase. Just want to be upfront with that!
    Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
    McKynzee :rachio:
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