Wiring Rachio 3 from Hunter Pro C

I am new to this and wondering how to connect the existing hunter adapter which has 2 yellow and one green wire to the Rachio 3 Outdoor Enclosure, which has a black, white and green wire.

@krulls - don’t connect the Hunter adapter to the Rachio outdoor enclosure.

The Rachio outdoor enclosure is designed for 120 VAC wiring - the black is the hot wire, the white is the neutral wire and the green is the ground wire. The Rachio adapter then plugs into the plug in the enclosure.

The Hunter wiring is already stepped down to 24 VAC by a transformer.

If the Hunter wiring really needs to be used to power the Rachio as there is no 120 VAC circuit available, then one can cut off the plug end of the Rachio power adapter (leave enough of the cord to make connections - a couple of inches) and splice it on to the Hunter cords using the two yellow wires (it doesn’t matter which one is connected to which wire in the Rachio plug) and ignoring the green wire. Then insert the plug into the Rachio controller.

@DLane do have a 120 outlet right there. What adapter would you recommend I use to connect to the outdoor enclosure? I assume I the Rachio included adapter is not rated for outdoor, correct?

@krulls - the Rachio adapter is used to power the controller as it is plugged in on the inside of the outdoor enclosure.

@Gene can confirm, but I think the NEC (National Electrical Code) would say that the Rachio outdoor enclosure should be permanently wired into the electrical system using water-tite conduit and solid core wire to the back side of the existing outlet. However, I have seen a post where someone took an outdoor rated extension cord plugged into the outlet, ran the cord to the outdoor enclosure, placed a strain relief on the cord (similar to the overhand knot in the Hunter wiring) and then terminated the extension cord to the Rachio outdoor enclosure black, white and green wires (obviously don’t cut and terminate the extension cord while it is plugged in).

@DLane I think the extension cord idea may work great. I’ll give it a shot and be sure to do it while unplugged! :slight_smile:

I appreciate your support!

Yes, NEC write rules for the people who like to take things to the extreme. Extension cord should work well for majority of the situation.

One thing I would recommend, is to look for a watertight connector instead of a basic strain relief. That is because ants and other bugs are attracted to live wires and can cause shorts and fire.

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