Wiring - Rachio 3 - from Hunter Pro-C

I am a newbie - just purchased Rachio 3 changing from Hunter Pro-C.

Just need to confirm don’t need to use wiring on left side of Hunter Pro-C (in the Rachio 3) which goes to electrical outlet.

Confirming I only need to connect wiring on right side of Hunter Pro-C to Rachio 3.

Any help will be appreciated

A picture would be helpful to double check. However, from what I remember about the Pro-C. All zones are on the right side with the common. The left has power, Master Valve/Pump, and Rain Sensor (the latter two might not be used by you). You will not hook the power to any terminals on the Rachio, but rather use the supplied power supply plugged into the wall and the barrel connector to Rachio.

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Thanks Thomas

Here are some photos.

Also it appears the 2 white wires are in the one Com port on Hunter Pro-C. Do I separate them and put one in each C port on Rachio Hopeful these photos came out.


Looks good. On the common, I do not think it matters much at all, but I probably would separate them as it will look neater in my opinion. Is it mounted outside or inside somewhere where you have access to an outlet?

it will be mounted inside my garage.

Thanks so much for all your help.

Inside the garage makes it easier especially if an outlet is nearby. Glad to help.