Wiring pump • Spain


I’m installing an 8 zone Rachio Gen3 in Spain. I already got the AC/AC transformer, configured the device in the Rachio app, added my weather station and included it to Homekit even if it’s not officially supported.

My question is about the wiring. The system was recently installed for a Hunter but I decided to go with Rachio. I have been left with some cables which I don’t really know where to plug (see picture).

There should be five zones and water is supplied through a well pump. I understand the right side holes of C, S1, S2, 24VAC -, 24VAC+ are just for sensors so what exactly should I plug in the left side C and M?

Any help is really appreciated as I’m not an expert in irrigation systems as anyone reading may have already figured.

So from memory, M is for a Master valve. This would be if you have a Main Valve on the feed to the pipes for all zones, so that it must be opened when a zone is opened. So the system would be protected if a valve to a zone failed. So M is activated every time a Zone is activated.

From memory too, C is for Common, which is the Negative from all zone valves.

So the Positive from each valve goes into the Zone Number ports, and you would join all Negatives together, and link into C

@iko - All the Rachio C terminals are actually connected together, so there aren’t any specifically for sensors. The Rachio M terminal is for either a Master valve or a Pump Start Relay. You may have a pump start relay to start the well pump, unless it has a pressure tank and starts when the pressure drops.

Do you have a before picture showing where those wires went in the Hunter system? No need to move over any power wires (24 VAC, ground or 120 VAC from the hunter system).

The very thin red and black wires in their own grey jacket may go to a rain sensor.