Wiring Issue

I have attached two screen shot one is previous rain bird and other one is Rachio. I did the same wiring but when I switch on all the zones starts at the same time.

@Jegavelan - you might want to edit your post to have the Rachio picture up :wink:.

Thanks, Added now

I’m assuming that white, brown and two thin red wires are related to wireless rain sensor. In which case the thin white wire that goes off to the left of one of the pictures should be also connected to SC terminal, next to the red wire you already have there. More on this here (link)

This being said, what do you mean by “switch on”? Does it mean that all of the zones turn on as soon as you power up the rachio, or when you switch on one of the zones?


If I try to turn on any zone , all the zones starts automatically. Even If I remove all the wires except white and green.

@Jegavelan - unless my eyes are deceiving me, I didn’t see the white wire that is in the Rachio C(ommon) port on the Rainbird and the brown wire that is in the Rainbird COM(mon) port is missing. Plus the orange wire that is in the Rainbird 4 port has changed color to black it looks like.

I might disconnect the wires from the white cable (wireless rain sensor) (thin brown and red wires) and try the system without that.


So the white was connected to the white of of wireless rain sensor in the Rainbird. I had the brown from wireless rain sensor connected to Com of the rainbird. I completely removed everything and just kept white in the C and green in Zone and tried to test the zone one even then it started all the zones.

Just confirming that the solenoids are 24 volt AC and not DC (although that threw a different error for another user recently).

So the two white wires were in what appears to be a wire nut in the Rainbird picture then?

I noticed that none of the blue lights are lit on the Rachio unit. Are all four lights solid when the Rachio is plugged in?

@Gene provided the link to how the wireless rain sensor should be configured on the Rachio unit.

I might try putting the white wire from the field cable in the C(ommon) terminal on the other end of the terminal strip by the 8 terminal to see if that makes a difference. Also, try running a zone without the white wire from the field cable in the C(ommon) terminal and nothing should come on.

I’ve seen the folks in the wiring queue at support@rachio.com solve lots of wiring issues, so if none of these suggestions work don’t be afraid to drop them a line to ask for assistance (if you haven’t already) as they have access to diagnostic information from the unit that Gene and I don’t have access to.

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Can you take the picture of the valves. How is everything wired on the valve side?

From what you are describing, there almost has to be a short somewhere. Also how did you verify that all 6 of your zones are turning on? It is possible that green wire goes to a different zone than you were expecting.

Assume you tested with the rain bird before switching and all was well. That being the case I would suggest starting with a simple case that was exactly like your rain bird

Unplug your Rachio

Brown on C
Green on 1
Blue on 2
Red on 3
Orange on 4
Yellow on 5
Brown on 6

Leave all rain sensor connections off (label them so you know where they went)

Plug Rachio in and make sure all lights are on. Might take a few minutes.

Test this configuration. If you still have problems then I would suggest that something is not right with the controller and contact support.

If it starts working, then figure out how to incorporate the rain sensor.

Hope that helps



I brought Rachio to replace Rainbird , every thing was working before I removed the Rainbird.

There is only one brown if I take off rain sensor. The brown which was connected to COM of Rainbird was coming from sensor. White was connected to White of Sensor with nut.

I understand that White might be an issue cos If I take our white nothing works when I connect white everything starts at the same time

Got it. So the thinking is that the rain sensor was in series with the common (white) from the valves.

Multiple questions and thoughts below. One of them might help isolate the problem. Agree this is strange. Although the picture does not show it I am assuming all the blue lights are on, on the rachio controller.

Where was the orange wire coming from on the rainbird that now is black on terminal 4 of the rachio?

Do you have a voltmeter that you could measure the voltage between white and the other wires? Should be 0 both AC and DC on all wires.

When you tested ONLY white and green I assume all the rain sensors wires were also disconnected?
If not
I would suggest removing all the rain sensor connections and see if the rachio works.

If so
How could you tell the other zones were active with only the green wire connected?

Hope this helps

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