Wiring issue---only one station working

Hey everyone, I just received the Gen 3, I had the old rain bird turn style control panel, so it was like a rats nest for the wiring, nothing made sense. So when I disconnected the wiring, I didn’t take a picture cause it would have been a mess. So I put the wiring into the push button and I can only get one station on and one station I only got on once. I did make sure my system did work before I started the install. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong. (No master pump because I can have only one wire hooked up and the one station still works.) Please help. Thanks.

@sdsmith - please post of picture of the wiring as it is in the Rachio. Is there a rain sensor in the setup - either in line with the common wire or as a sensor? There could be multiple common wires, where is the station that works in relationship to the other stations?

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Thank you for the quick reply.

I have 7 stations, but 2 wires (12 pairs) coming into the house. I tried all possibilities. The new control panel and old went in the same spot.

and no rain gauge with this system.

@sdsmith - thanks for the photo and the comment on the rain gauge.

Normally white is common. Since there are two cables, I would put the white wires in the two C ports - one on each end of the zones and move the yellow to zone 1.


Also, if you have a volt meter (and are familiar with how to use it), test the wires. Put the setting on ohms, black lead on the commons, use the red lead to test the other control wires to see if they have resistance. When you touch each colored wire you should get a response.

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DLane and Sprinklerman, thanks for the help. I honestly was having nightmares while sleeping last night of this system not working and the wife saying told you so. Well I got up this morning early because I can’t let something beat me and put the two white wires in the common slots. Within a short period of time, I got everything working. Thank you for your time.


I’ve similar reaction to vexing problems. So happy you’ve got it resolved!

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Awesome work team Rachio!


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