Wiring help-rancho 2

I just installed rancho 2 and can’t get my sprinklers to work. I tried hooking the wiring to different zones but still not working. The only difference I noticed in the panel was it had two 24vac wires hooked up to. Any help would be appreciated.

@Scottb134679 - the wiring looks fine. The Rachio wiring is starting in zone 9, not zone 1 - but that shouldn’t be an issue. Just make sure the zones specified in the schedule are the ones that are connected.

The old 24 VAC lines are NOT needed in the Rachio.

Was a final run made on the old system right before un-installing it to see that everything worked?

Is there a rain sensor that is wired into the common wire?

Do the sprinklers run when manually activated at a solenoid?

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Thanks for your help. I did run the system before switching it over and had no issues. The only thing I haven’t tried is manually activating at a solenoid. No clue how to do that but good thing I have google. :slight_smile: I’ll give that a try and if it doesn’t work then I’ll look at getting is replaced. Thanks

Thanks again for all your help. I ran the sprinklers in the morning and no issues at all. Well I had forgotten I had a plumber out that day and he turned off all the water. Well he forgot to turn the sprinklers back on. WOO HOO it’s working now. Thanks again for all your help.